Dr. Aaron Riedel

Why did I choose Chiropractic?
I loved playing sports! Right up until the day a hard hit put me on the ground and out of the game. Everything hurt, and even after a month of physical therapy I still had very little range of motion in my neck. A family member highly recommended the chiropractor they’d been seeing and I figured it was worth a try. Not only did I get great results from the treatment, but I got interested in maybe someday being able to help people with the same kind of medical care. With some urging from a co-worker I was enrolled in college, and began what I hope will be a life-long educational journey.

Chiropractic Education
I chose Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City because I wanted to stay close to my hometown of Hays, Kansas and near to my family in the area. I was very motivated by the great program and instructors, and upon completion of my undergraduate degree I went directly into their graduate program. I also became fascinated with the art of acupuncture and have continued my education in that area. It’s been amazing to see the numerous benefits to people’s lives.

My Chiropractic Philosophy
I believe in a whole body wellness philosophy. We all face stressors, with the “big 3” being emotional, biochemical and physical. Addressing these stressors through Chiropractic care, exercise and nutrition will allow the body to heal and for the person to maintain the balance needed for a lifetime of good health

Dr. Lauren Sword
Why did I choose Chiropractic?
I very well could have missed my calling if it weren’t for my aunt, the Chiropractor. I’d always looked up to her, but as a child, only had a vague idea of what she did since I only saw her a few times a year when she was in town visiting. I was very active in middle school and high school, which coincided with the onset of intense headaches. My mother took me to doctor after doctor, and nothing seemed to help, and decided that Chiropractic care was certainly worth a try, as my aunt always seemed to know what she was doing. After just one visit with the local Chiropractor I finally got relief from my chronic headaches. Not only did I feel much better, but out of all the doctors’ offices we’d visited, I felt that they really cared about me. From that point on my path was clear. I was going to college to become a Chiropractor.

The aunt that I admired became my mentor. The first time I was with her in her office she treated a patient who had never had a chiropractic adjustment before in her life. She was in such tremendous amounts of pain that her husband convinced her to give it a try it. Literally five minutes later after her adjustment she was in tears, but for the first time in a long while, not sad or painful tears. She cried happy tears from finally getting relief after years of misery. That experience reinforced what I already believed. Chiropractic care was my path, and I knew with all my heart that this is what I both needed and wanted to do with my life.

Chiropractic Education
I attended Cleveland Chiropractic College from 2004-2011 receiving both my Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Chiropractic. While in clinic I focused my studies on Diversified, Activator, and SOT techniques, and had the opportunity to treat a diverse patient population, but started focusing on geriatrics. I believe that the geriatric population is underserved and deserves better options for alternative health care. My goal as a Doctor of Chiropractic is to educate people on the life-long benefits of chiropractic. As the Baby Boomers reach retirement age I want to help them maintain their health and vigor so that they can enjoy their golden years to the fullest.